Social Curation
Your customers have welcomed mobile into their daily lives, bringing to life an always-on multi-device phenomenon. As a result, innovative marketers are looking for technology that helps them build mobile-first customer experiences that drive higher levels of engagement and conversion.
Social Curation:
With over 96% of Americans over the age of 16 carrying a smartphone in their pocket*, it’s no surprise that there's a sea of change in how we market to this new breed of always-on consumers. The percentage of media and digital content being consumed on-the-go is rising, and marketers can benefit by delivering on real-time and natively mobile content expectations. While the opportunities are limitless, new challenges are coming to light:
  • It’s timely and expensive to create mobile optimized pages.
  • Non-responsive landing pages cause a poor user experience, less visibility, and lower conversion.
  • Mobile landing pages are not convenient to share.
Thismoment Content Cloud enables marketers to easily create mobile feeds and publish experiences optimized for any device. By serving up the right content at the right time, marketers can deliver dynamic content to audiences in a native format - the mobile feed - that meets their expectations and boosts mobile marketing conversion rates.

*Nielsen - The Mobile Consumer 2013 (PDF)
  • UGC content curation
  • Owned content curation
  • Content search & filtering
  • Content tagging and metadata sorting
  • Interactive content playlists
  • Real-time content streaming
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) apps
  • Responsive digital experiences
  • Omni-channel sharing and publishing
  • Content Analytics
Evergreen links their customers to a Content Cloud mobile optimized landing page with engaging, interactive content.