Virtual Events
Making your virtual event or virtual conference engaging, different from all the rest, and profitable at the same time, is very difficult, but a key goal for marketers who invest a lot in this channel. Build seriously engaging virtual experiences that drive engagement with your customers before the event, at home during the event, and in post-show communication by your sales and marketing teams.
Most tradeshows and conferences are generally the same - booths, banners, chotskies and hungry salespeople competing for your attention but without the immediate answers you need. Everything blends together, and differentiation is a significant challenge. If you’re a marketer, you’ve been on the other side - trying to stand out, trying to equip your sales team with great content that will engage attendees. Virtual events are rife with challenges, such as:
  • Booth content is rarely interactive or engaging.
  • Differentiating from other booths is nearly impossible.
  • Content is often not suited for most customers or situations that arise.
  • Poor follow-through from event to post-event activity, and difficulty proving ROI.
Content Cloud helps marketers power live events and create uniquely engaging event and post-event customer experiences. During the event, marketers can equip sales with mobile sales presentations, bring the booth to life with self-serve engagement kiosks or video streaming, or promote real-time social feeds to reach audiences beyond the walls of the event. Sales reps can leverage situational content playlists and send to prospects on-demand, while Marketing can incorporate content into lead nurture programs to further develop prospect opportunities post-event. Content Cloud will provide all the metrics and analysis required to track the ROI of your Virtual event content marketing efforts.
  • Owned content curation
  • UGC content curation
  • On-demand content playlists
  • Interactive photo, text, or video content cards
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) apps
  • Mobile sales presentation
  • Self-serve engagement kiosks
  • Video streaming
  • Omni-channel, omni-device follow-up
  • Content Analytics
  • CRM integration
Sony Playstation engaged their audience and their fans at home by curating attendee posted images and streaming them into a virtual event media wall.