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Feb 27, 2015

No, I’m not a cowboy, but when I roam the internet in search of great content, lasso my favorites, and corral them into a playlist to share with you (see below), I feel like one. Enjoy the first edition of the Thismoment in Content Marketing Weekly Roundup!

Feb 26, 2015

Lists are one of the best Twitter features, yet one of the most underutilized. Without Twitter lists, my Twitter feed is a disorganized mess of information covering all of my interests. I build lists ranging from marketing to recruitment, technology, world news and sports (ok, sports don’t interest me, but the feed does help me […]

Feb 25, 2015

Content marketing is more than tactics Content marketers often think about blog posts, videos, images, Tweets and the like. But, content marketing is so much more than tactical execution. Strong content marketing is an extension of the business idea. It’s a strategy that cultivates the kind of audiences you need to sell to in order […]

"Marketers have much to gain by including sales in the content marketing mix. Get to it!"
—Marc Cowlin
"Emotional posts drive an average reaction rate of 0.5%, which is more than double that of informational posts... "
—Jason Falls
Feb 24, 2015

Google has a unique perspective on what practically everyone is doing online. Recently, they analyzed their search data and compiled some information that is very useful for content marketers. Combining observations from search data with industry research, the team at Think with Google predicted three basic trends and content opportunities to watch out for in […]

Feb 19, 2015

As a Bears fan, watching the Super Bowl was a fairly emotionless experience – at least until the ads air. While my uncle taught me to root for ‘injuries’ when the Bears aren’t playing, this year, I felt it would be more honorable to root for great ads. At $4.5 million a pop for one […]

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Feb 17, 2015

This year, the most intriguing Super Bowl ad was from McDonald’s. Certainly, we all wish we had their budget, but regardless of spend, McDonald’s provided a lesson about extending ad campaigns through social engagement, which doesn’t have to extend the dollars. McDonald’s “Pay With Love” McDonald’s “Pay With Love” advertisement extended their TV ad into […]

"A UGC hashtag campaign without ROI is indeed DOA!"
—Dan Kimball