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One lazy Sunday afternoon, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and realized that the majority of the content I “follow” is fashion-related. And, the producers of that content aren’t my friends or people I know, but rather famous fashion bloggers. I found myself caught in a trap of never-ending engaging fashion content, beauty tips […]

Feb 11, 2015

Everyone loves the big splash Super Bowl ads make—before, during, and after the game these ads generate massive interest and provide a significant uplift for brands. But the $4.5 million price tag for a 30 second spot is out of the reach for most companies. And even if the cost isn’t an issue, advertising during […]

Feb 10, 2015

Google recently announced it will no longer support custom brand channel “gadgets,” on YouTube. This is a huge change for brand marketers, so huge that Google is giving them a full year to adjust their strategies. Obviously, video remains a critical element of digital marketing, and YouTube remains the most important player in the video […]

"Marketers have much to gain by including sales in the content marketing mix. Get to it!"
—Marc Cowlin
"Emotional posts drive an average reaction rate of 0.5%, which is more than double that of informational posts... "
—Jason Falls
Feb 5, 2015

If Jeff Bridges (AKA the Big Lebowski) produced something as odd as a recording of ambient music mixed with his smooth baritone voice mumbling about sleep, I’d listen. Enthusiastically. I’m a fan; I love weird content, and it would work for me. Wait, what’s that you say?   …   He did?   …   You’re telling me that […]

The other day I did something I have never done before—I visited the BuzzFeed website. Crazy, right? I’ve read their LOL, WTF, and occasional news articles a thousand times, but I’ve always read them off of their site, usually on Twitter or Facebook. But that’s the point—and one of the secrets of success behind the […]

Ignite Your Sales with Content on Demand
Equip your sales reps to deliver exactly the right content to the right customer on the right device, at the exact time it's needed.
Feb 3, 2015

It’s Monday morning in the year 2025, and everything in your inbox is strangely…relevant. The maker of your oven sent over another list of recipes that you would actually make. Your gym emailed a report of your weekly workouts – it turns out that your strength is 20 percent higher over the previous month, but […]

Jan 29, 2015

It doesn’t matter what you call it, storytelling is at the center of content marketing. Content marketing, brand journalism, marketing communications, creative, there are so many labels being tossed around in relation to what content marketers do every day. So much so that Ike Pigott, a former television news journalist and current communications strategist for […]

"A UGC hashtag campaign without ROI is indeed DOA!"
—Dan Kimball