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May 12, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of talking one on one with Stephen Bury, Senior MarComm Manager at Microsoft, at our recent global sales kickoff. Stephen and Microsoft have been amazing partners of ours for a few years now, and have always pushed the envelope with content.

From live events to brand marketing programs to retail support, their ideas and innovation in the field of content marketing is admirable. Watch this quick video to hear Stephen talk about his vision for enterprise content management, ideas around how to measure content marketing initiatives and also how his team and other groups at Microsoft leverage Content Cloud to programmatically deliver amazing customer experiences. [...]

Apr 2, 2015

Internet content is becoming “numb.” The worldwide web has increased from one page to 4.57 billion indexed pages since going public in 1991. Blog posts, digital magazine articles, web copy and social posts account for much of that growth, yet most of it seems…vacuous and pointless, to put it nicely. The readers feel numb and […]

Mar 25, 2015

“The problem with marketing is that they don’t know what content we really need in the field, and 90% of the time I don’t have what I need for a specific customer.” Anonymous Salesperson “The problem with sales is that we produce a crazy amount of content for them, but we have no idea what […]

"Marketers have much to gain by including sales in the content marketing mix. Get to it!"
—Marc Cowlin
"Emotional posts drive an average reaction rate of 0.5%, which is more than double that of informational posts... "
—Jason Falls
Mar 24, 2015

These days, many consumers are watching television with mobile devices in their hands. Increasingly, this isn’t simply to be a distraction during the ads. People are using their second screen—smartphone or tablet—to connect with other people as they experience a show or event, to get more information about what they see on TV, or possibly […]

Mar 20, 2015

As I build this playlist each week, I enjoy looking for common trends in the stories I choose. Sometimes it doesn’t exist, but other times, like this week, I notice something interesting. This week, I can’t help but to think about two content themes: convergence and learning. Convergence: While traditionally thought of as a marketing discipline, content […]

Ignite Your Sales with Content on Demand
Equip your sales reps to deliver exactly the right content to the right customer on the right device, at the exact time it's needed.
Mar 19, 2015

Experienced Ad-Side Creative Director Says Content and Creative Are The Same While it may not always be obvious, there has long existed an invisible wall between “creatives” (art directors and copywriters charged with dreaming up marketing campaigns and executions) and those of us who were not trained to be, well, creative. The world of content […]

Mar 17, 2015

If you build it, they will not come. Successfully executing on a content marketing strategy involves more than content production — it also involves content distribution. Creating a great piece of content doesn’t help your organization much if nobody sees it, so it’s crucial that it gets distributed to your target audience through several avenues […]

"A UGC hashtag campaign without ROI is indeed DOA!"
—Dan Kimball