This is our Moment

This is our Moment

Oct 1, 2013
If life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving. -Jerry Seinfeld

We tend to agree with Jerry. Especially when it comes to digital marketing. Brand marketers like you must constantly adjust to an ever-changing technology landscape or be left behind and forgotten. From shifts in YouTube’s commenting policies and Facebook’s contest and promotion guidelines for brands to new device form factors, changing the way you engage audiences isn’t just a choice—it is often an imperative. Only your mission stays the same: connect with your fans and share experiences that matter

We’re right there with you, so we’re making some changes of our own.

This week we’re putting the final touches on our new Thismoment brand identity. We’re excited about the new look, but the changes go deeper. With our fresh identity will come new content, a completely revamped web presence and, most importantly, new products and functionality for our customers.

This short teaser video gives you a glimpse into how we see change and our new brand. We hope you enjoy!

Did you see our new logo? What do you think? Stay tuned for more exciting changes!

Interested? Learn more about Thismoment by requesting a demo here.

Will Park
Director, Social Marketing
Will Park @willpark
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