The Democratization of Content Marketing: Momentum NYC 2013

The Democratization of Content Marketing: Momentum NYC 2013

Oct 15, 2013

We live in a world that’s buzzing with online conversations about brands. And, with user-generated content becoming more important, we’re faced with new challenges and opportunities to engage with audiences.

Throughout the year we give top brand marketers a forum to share their thoughts and experiences around the evolution of content marketing, best practices and trends. We call this informal meeting of the minds our Momentum marketing forum, which most recently took place in New York City’s Gallow Green.

The discussions at Momentum NYC 2013 focused on social media’s impact on the way marketers build their brands. The Altimeter Group’s Rebecca Lieb (@lieblink) kicked off the discussion amongst attending brands and agencies (such as Deloitte, Fisher Price, IBM and Wunderman) about the democratization of content and what user-generated means in an ever-changing digital landscape.

In fact, “2013 [will mark] the end of traditional advertising and the start of a new era. Brands will be built through digital, or not at all,” remarked Thismoment CEO Vince Broady. “The battle for customer engagement begins with the mobile feed. Quality brand content is table stakes. Experiences are the differentiator.”

Get up to speed with the content marketing tactics that work around user-generated content and other key takeaways from Momentum NYC 2013 in the video above.

Bonus: You can find @lieblink’s content marketing presentation slides here.

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