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The Best Bespoke YouTube Channels: What Makes Them Great?

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The Best Bespoke YouTube Channels: What Makes Them Great?

Nov 13, 2013

When your social campaigns look good, so does your brand (and so do you). The folks over at Adjust Your Set took a look the world’s best custom YouTube One-channels and wrangled those that make their brands look really, really good.

We were proud to see so many of Thismoment’s customers brand channels on Adjust Your Set’s list.

As brand marketers, it’s our mission to cut through the noise and generate awareness for our digital campaign. We want to ensure our social footprint is on-brand. We want to engage our customers with experiences that are consistent across platforms and across devices. We want our users to spread the word through Likes, Shares, Comments and, if it makes sense, content that they submit.

This is ASICS' YouTube Channel, featuring a custom theater that provides localized content in a centralized channel.
ASICS’ YouTube Channel features a theater that provides localized content.

Let’s take a closer look at some executions to understand how the brands in this list are delivering compelling brand stories on YouTube — and specifically, what they have in common.

Showcasing Content

  • These brands do a good job showcasing curated brand or user-generated content (videos, photos or text) in their theaters, categorizing playlists to help tell their brand story. Some channels even provide localized playlists for different regions/languages.

  • The playlists guide users to the content that matters to them most, and keeps them within the brand’s YouTube channel. Subscribers watch 200% more content than non-subscribers, so keeping them on the page for longer counts!

  • Global, multi-product brands have essentially turned their YouTube channel into a centralized “hub” for all their branded content (Olay, Sony Pictures, Ubisoft), which allows them to serve up videos for a range of products through the same channel.

This is Reebok's YouTube Channel, featuring video playlists, integrated calls to action and a unified social stream.
Reebok’s YouTube Channel features video playlists, integrated calls to action and a unified social stream.

Unified Social Conversations

  • These brands make it easy for fans to interact with their content. They allow users to share the entire channel, share individual pieces of content, easily “like” the content, and leave a comment .

  • They bring different communities together by pulling multiple social streams into a unified stream, making it easy for fans to join the conversation.

  • By boosting engagement with their content, these brands are also getting their content out to their fans’ social networks.

Calls To Action

  • Notice the integrated calls to action below the theaters on each of these brands’ YouTube channels.

  • These brands encourage fans to sign up for mailing lists, download additional content, browse products, and interact with Facebook pages.

P&G, Budweiser, Reebok, ASICS and Gillette were all named in Adjust Your Set’s list — with notable mentions going out to Coca Cola Zero, iRobot, Olay, Sony Pictures, Ubisoft, Taylor Made Golf and New York Life.

See these brands in action here or visit to view our latest brand launches.

How does your brand stack up?

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