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NEWS: Thismoment Elevates Enterprise UGC Marketing With New Content Cloud Upgrades and Partnerships

Categories: Content Marketing

NEWS: Thismoment Elevates Enterprise UGC Marketing With New Content Cloud Upgrades and Partnerships

Dec 17, 2014

Company Momentum Continues as Fortune 500 brands like Coca-Cola, AB InBev, and Hewlett Packard Choose Thismoment for Unique Features, Scalability and Enterprise-readiness

Today we are pleased to announce a number of enhancements to our Content Cloud platform that make it simpler and more efficient for brands to leverage the benefits of UGC storytelling across the enterprise. The latest features include advancements to UGC rights management, user permissions and integration with leading marketing technology systems. Together, these features help organizations make UGC an integral part of how they serve and connect with customers, partners, and employees.

Content Marketing Institute reports that 48 percent of B2B and 70 percent of B2C companies view UGC as an important part of their marketing strategies for 2015. Crucial demographics, such as Millennials, report that up to 84 percent of their buying decisions are influenced by the online testimonials of others. This consumer demand for authentic content has created a growing opportunity for marketers to integrate UGC into existing assets, new marketing campaigns, and the myriad other communication channels and touch points between a company and its customers.

“With UGC’s emergence as a brand’s single most powerful marketing currency, organizations recognize the opportunity to leverage it across both marketing and business applications,” said Vince Broady, Founder and CEO. “The new capabilities of Content Cloud make it easier to bring UGC storytelling to wherever audiences live – whether that’s a mobile device, customer service portal or a brick-and-mortar retail store. The result is a more relevant, more personal experience, which in turn leads to greater engagement and conversion.”

With built-in connectors to leading social, marketing, CRM, analytics and publishing platforms, Thismoment Content Cloud is the industry’s most open and advanced UGC management platform. Innovative global companies like Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Hewlett Packard and Sephora rely on Content Cloud to power next-generation digital content experiences, including brand marketing, sales enablement, customer support and HR/recruiting initiatives.

The rich feature set available from Content Cloud helps organizations monitor, moderate and secure rights to publish UGC across multiple platforms and media types. In addition, it enables user content to be easily mixed with professionally created brand content to deliver more engaging digital experiences across every part of the enterprise. The latest platform capabilities include:

  • Upgraded UGC Rights Management – Organizations can now automate the process of securing explicit legal rights to UGC from creators. This includes the option to direct content owners to a simple flow where they can grant permission to use their content with just one click. In addition, brands are able to view the status of UGC rights approval, including pending requests and rights granted. Together, these new features make it faster and easier to secure required permissions, while helping to protect organizations from possible future legal exposure.
  • Expanded Content Roles and Permissions – Allows customers to establish a variety of new roles and permissions to those tasked with developing, deploying and curating UGC marketing campaigns. This means UGC campaign management can now be deployed to more people across an organization, while ensuring proper brand identity and management compliance.
  • Advanced UGC Filtering – Brand managers are able to search for and monitor UGC content by type, creator, geolocation and campaign. This makes content more relevant, useful and accessible for timely marketing initiatives, including tapping into local and brand influencers for expanded reach.
  • New Marketing Platform Integration – Content Cloud now works seamlessly with Adobe Marketing Cloud, Box and Sprinklr, among other platforms for sourcing and publishing content, including Facebook. This helps organizations round out the key pillars of their enterprise marketing technology stack to ensure optimal performance of global programs.

For more information see the full press release and to learn more about the latest version of Content Cloud, visit


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