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Global Brands Herald the Era of Responsive Design With New YouTube One Channels

Categories: News

Global Brands Herald the Era of Responsive Design With New YouTube One Channels

Jun 27, 2013
SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 27, 2013) – Thismoment, the global leader in brand solutions for YouTube, today announced broad adoption of YouTube’s responsive One Channel format by major brands — including Activision, Acura, iRobot, Land Rover, Levi’s, Microsoft Office, Mobily, and TaylorMade. All of these brands, and their agencies, used Thismoment’s system to design and build their new channels, and to manage their content and subscribers on an ongoing basis.


One Channel better serves today’s mobile, multi-screen audience by optimizing the viewer experience for every device through its responsive design — which fluidly scales based on the size of the browser window — and promoting channel subscription visibility and access.


The move to the new, responsive One Channel design is a significant evolution of YouTube, and Thismoment ensured its customers were prepared for the transition. Alicia Jones, Manager of Social Marketing for Honda and Acura, explains, “Initially we were concerned by the One Channel announcement, not knowing exactly how it would impact our current channel. Thismoment, however, has made the transition painless, as they have been very attentive to our needs and concerns. It’s been nice having the peace of mind that — whatever changes may come to the platform — we can rely on Thismoment to keep us ahead of the curve.”


Liz Phillips, Social Media Manager at Taylormade, echoes this sentiment: “Thismoment went to great lengths to communicate the migration to One Channel was coming and proactively prepared TaylorMade for the transition. Thismoment has been a true partner. They armed us with the knowledge we needed to be prepared for the One Channel migration, and we worked together to identify the best strategies going forward.”


Vince Broady, Founder and CEO for Thismoment, notes, “A key advantage of our system is that it future proofs brands against the constantly changing digital landscape. When new developments like One Channel emerge, Thismoment users gain competitive advantage by being first to market in the new format, and by being able to take full advantage of the new capabilities from day one. In addition, they gain this advantage with minimal effort, no chaos, and at zero incremental cost.”


Stephen Bury, Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Microsoft, relates, “When we received word regarding Google’s planned One Channel migration, we were faced with deadlines that would have been difficult to manage on our own. Learning, however, that Thismoment was going to provide their resources and expertise in making the transition, we soon realized it was going to be an extremely straightforward and manageable process. As is typical with our experience of working with Thismoment, this migration has run efficiently and smoothly, turning something that was initially a source of concern into a project that has been seamless and bulletproof.”


Thismoment’s success with One Channel reinforces its position as the defacto standard for brand engagement on YouTube. Over the past three years, Thismoment’s system has powered more than 300 YouTube brand channels, an order of magnitude more than any other provider. Driven by the demands of its customers for differentiation and creative freedom within the YouTube environment, Thismoment has continually delivered first-to-market capabilities including:
  • The ability to extend YouTube brand channels — including user-generated video contests — to other online environments, including Facebook, mobile and the Web
  • The use of mixed media (photos, text, flash) within YouTube, both for brand and user-generated content
  • The deployment of global channels that combine universal brand elements with localized content, all on a single YouTube URL
  • The ability to curate and display an interactive, consolidated social conversation stream — incorporating YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ within a YouTube brand channel
  • The launch of the first responsive custom brand channel — Head & Shoulders’ Deep Like Troy.


A thought leader and the founding member of Google’s Engagement Solutions Developer Program (GESDP), Thismoment shares its knowledge about YouTube and One Channel with its customers and to the marketing community at large. Recent examples include publishing the most complete One Channel FAQ for brands and agencies, and making its Playbook for YouTube Brand Solutions freely available for download.


For a concise overview of Thismoment’s One Channel capabilities, please view our One Channel Solution video featuring commentary from our team and from Levi’s.


About Thismoment
Thismoment is the leading system for creating and delivering content-rich, social brand experiences. The world’s most recognizable brands use Thismoment to achieve superior audience engagement across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, brand sites and other online destinations. Thismoment’s system optimizes the user experience for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, and supports global distribution in 60 languages. To learn more, please visit


Customer Insights
“There has been a bit of uncertainty about this transition, and it’s been reassuring to know that we have a partner who’s looking ahead for us and helping us navigate the change in a way that makes sense for our brand. Thismoment’s proactive approach to new technology has enabled us to engage with our YouTube consumers across the globe.”
-Blake Corbin, Manager of Digital Marketing for Activision
“We’re always working on a full plate of projects, so it was extremely beneficial that Thismoment offered to create the templates for OneChannel and — on top of that — would help us through the migration at no additional cost.”
-Liz Philips, Social Media Manager for TaylorMade
“It was very reassuring to have Thismoment streamline the process for us and communicate predecessors on such a timely basis.”
-Anis Zantout, Director of Digital for KSA at Initiative, Mobily
“Thismoment did a great job of communicating the intended One Channel migration — as well as providing us with a preview of how it would look and feel, which was all incredibly helpful. Thismoment made the transition quick and easy for us.”
-Kim Kyaw, Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager for Land Rover
“Thismoment’s technology allows us to deliver content in a more engaging and strategic way, while also allowing us to determine the best content to deliver. The CMS and software platform give us a much more robust way to present and market to our audience — and thereby have us think differently about our content strategy. The capabilities Thismoment provides today empower us to determine what our best strategy is for tomorrow.”
-Stephen Bury, Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Microsoft
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