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Content Cloud Updates: Rights Management & New Developer APIs 

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Content Cloud Updates: Rights Management & New Developer APIs 

Jul 25, 2014

The Dog Days begin in early July, when the hot sultry weather of summer usually starts. We get that. In an attempt to keep you cool, we are debuting two really cool features. One of them helps you be at the leading edge of UGC rights management, and the other is access of some of the best content marketing APIs available on the market.

1. Streamlining Rights Management

For innovative marketers, user generated content (UGC) is more important and abundant than ever. Including real content from real people is key to providing some authenticity in your brand story.

In “traditional” UGC rights management, you would: search for the UGC that you are looking to use; message the user to get permission to use the content; wait for their response; then you respond back to them expressing confirmation and gratitude; and only then, add the content to your library.

And you do that many, many times a day.

So how do you shorten that process? You use our new advanced rights management feature. Streamline the UGC rights management process by uploading legal approved terms and conditions that you can direct content owners through to grant permission. The uploading of terms and conditions happens once (or as often as legal changes it), and the “I Agree” happens automatically and repeatedly. That means a streamlined rights management process and an auto-populated bank of legally-approved UGC to choose from.

Interested in learning more? Talk to your account manager or contact our sales team.

2. Thismoment Developer Platform: Shiny New APIs

If you haven’t heard yet, Thismoment’s Developer Platform could be the source of content in powering your beautiful, amazing interactive brand experiences. With a whole host of ready-to-go APIs, your developers can quickly gain access to an entire library of APIs and supporting documentation to build rich front-end experiences on the back of our technology. This month, we’ve updated our APIs to include Content Cloud content and Content Cloud Playlists.

Learn more about Thismoment Developer Platform at:

Jeanne Ngo @thismoment
Contributor Bio: Jeanne is Product Marketing Manager for Thismoment, overseeing product and feature communications, sales enablement, and market analysis to build solutions that help solve the modern marketer’s content challenges.
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