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7 Tips For Building Game Winning Digital Campaigns

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7 Tips For Building Game Winning Digital Campaigns

Nov 26, 2013

The NFL’s annual marquee game needs no introduction or validation of its significance to brand marketers. In short, many people will be engaged with the gridiron showdown and gameday content across various channels. For those of you looking to ride the wave of buzz in early January, we’ve compiled a list of best practices to help you build a game-winning digital campaign.

Without further filler, our Top 7 Tips for Super Success:

  1. Define and program for all three phases of the game: pre, during and post. Capitalize on the Super Bowl’s sizeable halo.

  2. Have a clear picture of success and define key metrics to gauge the impact of your Super Bowl efforts. Is your goal to incite a spike in awareness or to convert a set of qualified potential customers?

  3. Don’t let your social planning lag other channels. A coordinated multi-channel and multi-phased campaign requires time to prepare.

  4. Orchestrate a cohesive strategy that drives unified creative and messaging themes to reinforce your super brand story and core positioning. And don’t be afraid to find the outer edge of your authentic brand voice to separate from the noise. The Super Bowl is a celebration. Let your hair down.

  5. Augment your social team and step up both reactive and proactive participation in the social conversation. Ask questions. Get the party started. Use a branded hashtag and amplify user-generated content.

  6. Video content isn’t just for YouTube anymore. Utilize your video content to engage your audience everywhere it lives.

  7. Turn the unexpected into an advantage. Have resources online who have the capacity to execute real-time audibles in response to breaking stories and trends (say, for example, if the lights go out during the game). Also prepare yourself for potentional spikes to your online properties. Make sure you seize the moment with fast loads and no downtime.

May the best brands win!

Will Park @willpark
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