Meet Spark, See Spark

Meet Spark, See Spark

Mar 24, 2015

We’re proud to announce the launch of Spark, a simple yet powerful mobile sales enablement app built on top of our widely-adopted Content Cloud platform. Spark empowers sales teams to access marketing-approved content playlists in pre- or post-meeting situations, and text or email the playlists to their customers in real-time. And, it gives marketers the ability to track content utilization and engagement and ultimately measure how well it drives deals.

To further educate you on the value this new solution brings to our customers, here are the most valuable features of Spark:

Login & Main Menu
A user-friendly, mobile first login screen and central dashboard menu ensures easy rep training and adoption. Sales teams can easily access Spark from any desktop or mobile device, and log in using any authentication system, including Salesforce.

Sales Training (Internal Playlists)
Sales Training and pre-meeting prep playlists are a one-click, confidential way to access the most up-to-date sales training materials, whenever and wherever sales reps need access to it.

Marketing-Curated Playlists
Sales can easily access relevant, up-to-date content and then email or text it to customers in real-time. Marketing-created playlists are content playlists that have been curated, arranged, and organized by marketing for sales to easily find, edit, and share in the field.

New Playlists, Created By Sales
With Spark, sales teams can be in control of their own content! Sales can easily search and filter through marketing-approved content to create their own playlists that are custom-built for prospects.

My Playlists
Quickly reference what has been shared in the past, and use “My Playlists” to save time with new prospects in similar situations. Sales can use this feature to view their shared playlist history, see which playlists have been opened, and rename and reuse playlists that have been sent in the past.

Latest Playlists
Marketing no longer needs to send out updates every time content is created, or worry that sales isn’t accessing the most up-to-date content. Using the “Latest Playlists” feature, sales can quickly see the content that was most recently added. When marketing updates content in Content Cloud platform, everything in Spark is automatically updated.

Trending Playlists
Trending Playlists give your reps transparency into to what content is most popular amongst their peers around the world. With this feature, reps can see what playlists are most being shared by all Spark users in the field.

Salesforce Integration
Want to tie content to performance? Salesforce and Spark users can get true visibility into where content is sent, details on customer engagement, and how content affects the sales process. Spark users that choose to integrate with Salesforce receive a number of advantages, including: Salesforce Authenticated Login, access to our Dynamic vCard Feature, content data capture within Salesforce, and optional real-time engagement alerts.

Analytics Dashboard
The comprehensive Analytics Dashboard is your insight into content ROI! Now, marketing leadership can analyze the performance of content and playlists in trend charts and graphs. See where content is sent, what content is most valued, what content performs best, and optimize content to make it more effective. Sales management can also use this for a powerful view of team activity and performance.

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Jeanne Ngo @thismoment
Contributor Bio: Jeanne is Product Marketing Manager for Thismoment, overseeing product and feature communications, sales enablement, and market analysis to build solutions that help solve the modern marketer’s content challenges.