3 Ways Twitter Lists Improve Content Marketing

Feb 26, 2015

Lists are one of the best Twitter features, yet one of the most underutilized. Without Twitter lists, my Twitter feed is a disorganized mess of information covering all of my interests. I build lists ranging from marketing to recruitment, technology, world news and sports (ok, sports don’t interest me, but the feed does help me […]

TMP Worldwide and Thismoment Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Talent Acquisition Processes

Jul 10, 2014

TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC, a global, tech-enabled talent acquisition company, today announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Thismoment to offer employers a best-in-class user generated content and experience management solution to enhance their employer brands and ensure they attract right-fit talent. As competition for qualified workers continues to increase, organizations […]

For The Future of Digital Cards, Look To The Past

Jun 12, 2014

Without question, the web is now buzzing about what web cards, (a la Google Now), bring to the table, but the idea of content-rich “cards” has been around for a long time. Let’s take a look at how collectible card games can offer insight into this burgeoning UX metaphor. There is a specific market out […]

Playing with Cards: The New User Experience

May 20, 2014

With the likes of Facebook and Twitter now using cards as the primary way to display content, it is time to reevaluate how we interact with the web. Interactive digital cards not only display information to the user, but also entice the user to play with them. The depth of the card format allows users […]