Adventures in UGC Marketing, Featuring GoPro

GoPro, a maker of digital video cameras and accessories, practically has a lock adventure based video and UGC marketing. Their products, originally created to enable extreme sports enthusiasts to film their exploits without having to jury-rig a setup or find someone willing to hold the camera, are a natural fit for heaps of adventurous user […]

#UniversalMoments Campaign Reveals Four Universal UGC Tips

Cue the time machine: Long before smartphones, selfies, and our unquenchable online sharing culture, photos were the best mementos we had when returning from vacation. We shared prints with family and friends, pasted them in photo albums and loved showing off the fun we had during our travels. Universal Orlando’s “Show Us Your #UniversalMoments” campaign, […]

5 UGC Lessons From Corndog Wrestling and Llama Limericks

Mar 3, 2015

How Cotopaxi won at content marketing It’s February 21, and I am jumping into a pool of snowmelt beneath a red rock waterfall, just outside Las Vegas. I am fully clothed, and my left hand is clutching an inflatable sleeping pad. After the plunge into the hypothermic tub, I heft myself onto the sleeping pad […]

How to Score Without a Super Bowl Sized Marketing Budget

Everyone loves the big splash Super Bowl ads make—before, during, and after the game these ads generate massive interest and provide a significant uplift for brands. But the $4.5 million price tag for a 30 second spot is out of the reach for most companies. And even if the cost isn’t an issue, advertising during […]

Your Marketing Needs UGC Authenticity – 3 Brands That Get It

User-generated content (UGC) adds a layer of authenticity to a brand’s marketing. By showcasing what other consumers think and how they use a product, UGC builds on the characteristics—such as relatability and trustworthiness—that brands want to focus on to drive engagement and win the hearts of consumers. Your customers want confirmation of their brand choices, […]