Thismoment in Content Marketing with Microsoft’s Stephen Bury

May 12, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of talking one on one with Stephen Bury, Senior MarComm Manager at Microsoft, at our recent global sales kickoff. Stephen and Microsoft have been amazing partners of ours for a few years now, and have always pushed the envelope with content. From live events to brand marketing programs to retail […]

YouTube June 5 Upgrade Deadline Does Not Apply to All Channels

May 31, 2013

June 6 update: download our comprehensive One Channel FAQ for brands and agencies here.As many of our customers have noticed, YouTube is informing users that an automatic upgrade to YouTube’s new One Channel layout will occur on June 5th. See an image of the prompt below. Please take note of three very important details: This […]

The Three Cs of Social Media Marketing Success

Sep 17, 2012

The term social media marketing is usually associated with the idea of promotional messages deployed across networking platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. Although essential for maintaining a social presence, these channels will resemble social media ghost towns if not supported by the key pillars of marketing success: Customers, Content and Communication. Thismoment delved into why […]