Thismoment in Content Marketing with Microsoft’s Stephen Bury

May 12, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of talking one on one with Stephen Bury, Senior MarComm Manager at Microsoft, at our recent global sales kickoff. Stephen and Microsoft have been amazing partners of ours for a few years now, and have always pushed the envelope with content. From live events to brand marketing programs to retail […]

Meet Spark: A Content-First Approach to Sales Enablement

Mar 25, 2015

“The problem with marketing is that they don’t know what content we really need in the field, and 90% of the time I don’t have what I need for a specific customer.” Anonymous Salesperson “The problem with sales is that we produce a crazy amount of content for them, but we have no idea what […]

TV and Mobile: 5 Tips for Second Screen Content Marketing

These days, many consumers are watching television with mobile devices in their hands. Increasingly, this isn’t simply to be a distraction during the ads. People are using their second screen—smartphone or tablet—to connect with other people as they experience a show or event, to get more information about what they see on TV, or possibly […]

Thismoment in Content Marketing Roundup: Convergence and Learning

Mar 20, 2015

As I build this playlist each week, I enjoy looking for common trends in the stories I choose. Sometimes it doesn’t exist, but other times, like this week, I notice something interesting. This week, I can’t help but to think about two content themes: convergence and learning. Convergence: While traditionally thought of as a marketing discipline, content […]