The Chutes and Ladders of Content: Save Your Customer Journey

Jan 8, 2015

Type the words “customer journey” into a Google Image search, and what you’ll see is a collage that looks like board games. In each journey, boxes, lines and circles form a path, and little cartoon customers follow it to a purchase. The ‘touchpoints’ along the way are just like the dice and cards that transport […]

Storytelling or Storymaking? Your Marketing Needs Both

Dec 3, 2014

When David Berkowitz declared the “The Beginning of the End of Storytelling” in Ad Age, the advertising executive told five separate stories to make his point. As CMO of the ad agency MRY, Berkowitz was telling his own ‘brand story’ in arguing that ‘storymaking’ is future of connecting with people (MRY does storymaking). Berkowitz is […]

Want to Write Great Headlines? Forget Clickbait and Develop Your Own Style

Nov 20, 2014

Clickbait is to content marketing what smoking is to living: you’ll get your high (metrics), but you will be judged harshly, and eventually, the clickbait will kill you. It’s common sense that misleading readers in order to inflate clicks is bad. However, using clickbait is tempting because we’re under immense pressure to grow an audience […]