TV and Mobile: 5 Tips for Second Screen Content Marketing

These days, many consumers are watching television with mobile devices in their hands. Increasingly, this isn’t simply to be a distraction during the ads. People are using their second screen—smartphone or tablet—to connect with other people as they experience a show or event, to get more information about what they see on TV, or possibly […]

Adventures in UGC Marketing, Featuring GoPro

GoPro, a maker of digital video cameras and accessories, practically has a lock adventure based video and UGC marketing. Their products, originally created to enable extreme sports enthusiasts to film their exploits without having to jury-rig a setup or find someone willing to hold the camera, are a natural fit for heaps of adventurous user […]

3 Content Opportunities you Can’t Ignore in 2015

Google has a unique perspective on what practically everyone is doing online. Recently, they analyzed their search data and compiled some information that is very useful for content marketers. Combining observations from search data with industry research, the team at Think with Google predicted three basic trends and content opportunities to watch out for in […]

How to Score Without a Super Bowl Sized Marketing Budget

Everyone loves the big splash Super Bowl ads make—before, during, and after the game these ads generate massive interest and provide a significant uplift for brands. But the $4.5 million price tag for a 30 second spot is out of the reach for most companies. And even if the cost isn’t an issue, advertising during […]

Why Marketers Can’t Ignore Content Lead Generation

Astute B2B marketers know that content lead generation is an important goal for their marketing programs. In fact, 83% of B2B marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute cite lead generation as an important marketing goal, second only to brand awareness (84%). So it’s a good thing that content marketing is a particularly good way […]