#UniversalMoments Campaign Reveals Four Universal UGC Tips

Cue the time machine: Long before smartphones, selfies, and our unquenchable online sharing culture, photos were the best mementos we had when returning from vacation. We shared prints with family and friends, pasted them in photo albums and loved showing off the fun we had during our travels. Universal Orlando’s “Show Us Your #UniversalMoments” campaign, […]

Six BuzzFeed Content Tips You’ll Love

The other day I did something I have never done before—I visited the BuzzFeed website. Crazy, right? I’ve read their LOL, WTF, and occasional news articles a thousand times, but I’ve always read them off of their site, usually on Twitter or Facebook. But that’s the point—and one of the secrets of success behind the […]

In-Store Retail and Mobile: new BFFs?

It’s no surprise that smartphones have become virtual enemies with brick-and-mortar stores given the fierce competition for shopping dollars. But  retail and mobile can be besties if retailers embrace the digital features consumers want before they even set foot in a store and while there. In fact, 71% of smartphone users who research products inside […]

Sonic Branding is Hear to Stay

You know that moment when you’re sitting in the restaurant and you hear the sizzle of a far off Fajita plate coming your way? As it gets closer you begin to salivate and you feel an overwhelming joy as you anticipate your first bite? This sound, the sizzle, triggers a deep emotional connection. The same […]

How Top Brands (Should) Avoid Social Media Mistakes

5 questions to ask before you post… The media loves pointing out the foibles, missteps and outright cringe-worthy mistakes that brands make on social media. While it’s an amusing, lesson-filled pastime that’s pretty darn easy to do, brands don’t love this type of attention (who would?). Ironically, these social media mistakes are amplified through the […]